For all of those complaining about rental prices in London, you should be thanking your lucky stars that you’re not in San Francisco, where reports show that renting a tent, yes a tent, can cost £600 per month.
It is reported that the average two-bedroom flat costs around £2,800 per month, while a one bedroom can go for more than £2,000 per month.
Initially a joke, John Potter advertised a short-term let for a tent in parents backyard on AirBnB for the price of US$900 (roughly £600) per month. But there was such a demand that he soon found himself bumping up the price and adding discounts for longer stays. Potter believes that it is all due to the location of his home and due to its great accessibility, ‘because we're in Mountain View, next to a lot of jobs and train tracks that people use to travel to San Francisco.’
Although three people have paid to stay, with dozens having enquired about the opportunity, the ad has been taken down, with similar ads and properties available for those curious enough to try!
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