In a recent move, a bailiff has evicted activists from more than a dozen prime properties in London who they believe are playing their own ‘game of Monopoly’.
Jonathan Chatfield, a high court enforcement officer and his team from the Burlington Group found themselves evicting 30 squatters from an empty £10million office in Mayfair. Chatfield stated that he had personally evicted the same group eight times over the past three months- “I wouldn’t say this political. They just want to break the system. This is mindless vandalism and nothing to do with homelessness.”
This group is known as the Squatters and Homeless Autonomy (SHA) - individuals who believe they are campainging against a hierarchy by residing in vacant properties throughout central London. They were recently prevented from entering a former beauty parlour opposite Claridge’s by door staff from the hotel who summoned the authorities.
The squatters, who range between the ages of 17 to 60, deny causing damage and have stated that they will continue residing in empty buildings around the capital “as long as they are left vacant”.
So as squatters move from place to place, not paying £200 as they pass go, it is vital that something needs to be done. Maybe with better communication between the bailiffs, police and squats not only would money be saved, but time would be better spent.

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