We all know the London property market is a battleground. More often than you would ever hope to, you find yourself fighting for your right to live in something with four walls and a roof that won’t devour your monthly pay. Phrases like ‘tenancy end date’ or ‘under offer’ cause the swear jar to rise and you start to consider the possibility of throwing it all in for a life on the road, because unlike London property, roads are endless.

So what are we, the average everyday people of this world, meant to think when property development companies start growing £15bn skyscrapers from the ground up?

As Eva Wiseman of The Guardian puts it; ‘there’s no point now in pointing out the disparities and the unfairness’s. The gap between us and them is [now] so wide.’ We’re living in a city where to your right we have the “Versace lifestyle” for only £711,000 and to your left a council who is considering allowing police to issue on0the-spot fines to rough sleepers. 

Wisman’s comedic view of this dispersed market drives the point that there is our London and then there is “theirs”, and we shouldn’t waste our time trying to confuse the two.

To read more head to: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/aug/30/london-property-through-roof-social-housing