London’s luxury properties have pushed the city up in the ranks of the ‘most expensive homes in the world’, and it now has more homes in the top ten than any other city.

Naturally Buckingham Palace tops the list at £980 million, and is followed by luxury living spaces in India, France and New York before London appears again.

This is the list presented by

1. Buckingham Palace, London - £980million
2. Antilla, India - £631million ($1billion)
3. Villa Leopolda, France - £473million ($750million)
4. Four Fairfield Pond, New York - ($248.8million)
5. 18 to 19 Kensington Palace Gardens - £140million ($222million)
6. Ellison Estate, California - £126million ($200million)
7. Hearst Castle, California - £120million ($191million)
8. Seven The Pinnacle, Montana - £97million ($155million)
9. Kensington Palace Gardens, London - £88million ($140million)
10. 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens, London - £80million ($128million)

So what does a £980 million price tag offer? Well not only does it have almost 300 years of royal history to boast within those walls, but it also has 755 rooms. These include 19 state rooms, 52 bedrooms, 188 rooms for staff, 92 offices and an impressive 78 bathrooms.

By contrast the other London homes on the list seem of almost reasonable proportions. At £140 million 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens (owned by Lakshmi Mittal, the fourth-richest man in the world) offers 12 bedrooms, 20-car parking space, and luxurious Turkish baths as well as an indoor pool. The Kensington Palace Gardens home of Roman Abramovich (owner of Chelsea FC) comes in at £88 million, while presently less lavish, can look forward to such upgrades as a tennis court, car museum and ‘health centre’.

Last, but far from least, is 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens owned by Olena Pinchuk and worth £80 million. Ms Pinchuk is the daughter of a former Ukrainian president, Leonid Kuchma, and her home offers all the comforts a London oligarch could wish: ten bedrooms, underground swimming pool, sauna, gym, ‘picnic room’ and a private cinema.


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