Camden Council has enlisted the help of the London School of Economics to determine whether caps on rent in the private sector should be implemented by local authorities in the near future. The aim of the Camden Council is to move towards controlling the rising costs of private rent in line with inflation. Camden’s cabinet minister for housing, Councillor Julian Fulbrook, was quoted as stating:

“Rents in the borough are unbelievable. There are some enormous amounts being talked about… We may not be using all the levers that we have at our disposal to deal with a very difficult problem, which is an overheated private rented sector in Camden.”

Suggested initiatives include providing financial incentives to private landlords who sign up to a rent-capping agreement with the council. They are also looking to encourage private landlords to give tenants greater security by offering longer-term (i.e. 3 year minimum) lets. reports that other London councils are putting forward similar proposals (

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