AXA Business Insurance has published research that shows an increasing number of Brits moving towards rentals instead of purchasing properties. For the majority of consumers polled (59%) this was from necessity rather than choice, as they are part of a growing number of people who simply cannot afford house prices. For 17% of the respondents, however, renting a home was the preferable choice, as it offered more freedom.

The Managing Director at AXA Business Insurance, Darrell Sansom, offered his interpretation of the research into landlord-tenant relations and expectations:
“It’s easy to present modern Britain as a world of greedy landlords on the one side and resentful tenants on the other, that’s certainly been the stereotype. However, we’ve found that their attitude to their landlords is largely positive, indicating that the problems aren’t caused so much by a bad attitude on either side, but just poor awareness of who is responsible for what.”

The priorities for applicants seeking rental properties were shown to be, in order of importance, number of bedrooms, price, and location. The research also shows that there has been an important shift in the concerns and demands of tenants. Most of the improvements tenants requested from their landlords were geared towards energy efficiency: double glazing, insulation, new boilers, etc. In fact by April 2016 new legislation will require landlords to ensure that their properties are meeting reasonable standards of energy efficiency requested by their tenants.

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