Remote workforce impacting residential developments

In 2017, across the UK 1.6 million people regularly worked remotely or from home. The rising number of people working from home in London has influenced property developers to include a co-working space or office area in residential developments. The amenities typically included...

London rents are set to rise 15% by 2023

As the uncertainty of Brexit settles in, experts consider that the massive changes in the British economy will lead to higher rents, particularly in London. It has also been predicted that the rents will increase by 11.5% outside of London as there is an increase for rentals in...

Brexit: a boon not block to London investment in 2019

Whilst the impending changes of Brexit has most of the country paralysed with fear, the opposite has occurred to foreign investors. In June 2018, a Hong Kong property developer purchased London’s UBS headquarters followed by a South Korean investment in Goldman Sachs&rsquo...

UK housing market is a ‘goldmine’ for wealthy foreign buyers

Since the definitive vote for Britain to exit the European Union in 2016, the value of the pound in comparison with the dollar has dropped by 13% in value. As a result, the UK has transformed into a “goldmine” for wealthy foreign buyers looking for a bargain. The...

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