Would You Buy a ‘Haunted’ House?

For non-superstitious buyers, investing in a potentially haunted property could result in a bargain purchase. Research shows that 1 in 5 sellers would lower their asking price in order to sell their ‘haunted’ property. According to Richard Tugwell, director at...

Cost of Moving Continues To Rise for Renters & Buyers

Moving to a new house is often reported as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. The cost of moving can be significant as well. According to a study from Post Office Money, renters would require an average of £1,469 in savings to cover the costs of...

Annual House Price Growth Crashes to 5 Year Low

The gradual decline in property prices has finally halted to a 5-year low. According to an analysis gathered by Nationwide, annual house price growth has reached its lowest percentage at 1.6% since May 2013. It is most certainly that the recent drop in house prices is due to...

Brutalist Market: Flats at London’s Centre Point taken off market

The consequences of Brexit on London’s property market have reached the capital’s most exclusive real estate. The impending fear of Brexit has left half of Centre Point’s multimillion-pound flats unsold and therefore pushed the property developer to take the...

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