A quick guide to landlords’ and tenants’ responsibilities

Landlords and Tenants both have their respective responsibilities, and it’s important to be clear about who should do what in order to ensure the smooth running of a tenancy, and to avoid any disputes.

As well as standard requirements such as paying the rent (even during a dispute), tenants are also required to allow the landlord access with 24 hours notice in order to inspect and carry out repairs to the property, and may not sublet rooms unless the tenancy agreement allows it.

The list of landlord responsibilities covers general maintenance including drainage, heating and hot water systems, as well as ensuring a number of essential safety measures are in place to protect the tenants, including smoke and CO2 alarms, fire escapes, and fire-safe furnishings.

Legislation is always changing – particularly in relation to landlord obligations – so it’s essential to keep up to date.

For a comprehensive list of landlords’ and tenants’ responsibilities, see this blog post on the Legal for Landlords website.

- Charlotte